About us

CyberTimez is an award winning business focused on making a difference in real people's lives through technology.

At Cyber Timez we are firm believers in and driven by our motto "Always in the service of others." We focus on automating the Internet of Things using wearable devices like smart glasses and watches. Our driving force is to develop products that make a real difference in real peoples’ lives. Most of our products start their life in the Accessibility space solving problems for those with the most challenges in everyday life and quickly find other commercial market verticals.

We take great pride in the products, services and the tools we design, develop and market. Providing solutions to real world problems using advanced technology solutions motivates our team to achieve goals that at first can seem daunting, but quickly become feasible and achievable. Our combination of highly skilled industry experts gives Cyber Timez the unique ability to tackle challenges that are typically beyond the reach of most organizations on target, on budget and on time.