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02.03 – User Guide – Insert Into the Headset (Cardboard VR Edition)

Cyber Eyez VR requires a compatible headset to function. Please check the Supported Hardware page for headsets that have been tested with or *should* work with Cyber Eyez VR. Basically, you need a headset that will:

  1. Hold your phone
  2. Allow for the phone’s camera to have a clear view of the outside world

Beyond that, Bob’s your uncle. You can choose any headset that you like as long as it meets those two parameters. As for inserting your phone into the headset itself every headset will vary. There are however, some common things to look for such as:

  • Line up the center of the phone with the center of the headset. Usually there is a line or some other marker on the headset to identify the center.
  • Remove your case. I know, it’s awesome and all, but very few headsets will work without damage if you keep the case on.
  • Adjust the head straps to be tight, but comfortable. Look, we know you’re going to wear this thing to binge watch whatever online…it’s OK. We just want you to be comfy and not have a sore nose…that’s why tight, but comfortable is important.