User Guide

03 – User Guide – Cyber Eyez Basics

Cyber Eyez has several modes to enable different types of functionality and new features and functions are being added all the time! Navigating and using all these modes couldn’t be easier. If you can draw a plus sign, you can use Cyber Eyez.

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*Quick Note* When we discuss swiping below, please remember this applies to swiping the actual screen as well as pressing a joystick, swiping a touch pad, pressing a key on the keyboard or some other method of sending up, down, left, right and enter to Cyber Eyez.

Changing Modes

To select from the different modes in Cyber Eyez, swipe up Blue Arrow Pointing Up or down Blue Arrow Pointing Down to scroll through the list of modes. When the mode you want to use is selected, stop swiping.

Modes Available By App
App Name Wearable Magnification Inverted Colors White Balance Brightness Offline OCR Online OCR (Microsoft) Online OCR (Google) Color Recognition Mood Ring Mode Barcode Mode
Cyber Eyez VR Yes Yes No (Gear VR Only) Yes Yes No No No No No No

Zooming In

When Cyber Eyez is running, swipe from the left to the right to zoom in. Arrow pointing right By default you can swipe left to right multiple times to magnify at up to the maximum resolution of your device camera in real time. When you have reached the maximum zoom level you will hear a prompt saying “Maximum Zoom.”

Zooming Out

When Cyber Eyez is running, swipe from the right to the left. Arrow pointing left When you have reached the minimum zoom level you will hear a prompt saying “Minimum Zoom.”

Taking a Picture

To take a picture, long press on the screen. Think of it as a long “click,” just done with your finger. When the device takes a picture, you will hear a “shutter click” sound effect.

If you’re having trouble getting the device to snap a picture, first make sure you’re touching the pad itself when tapping. Second, lift your finger off the pad for a second or so and then lightly place it back on the pad. No need to mash it, a long tap will do :).

Some new users will get strange results for object recognition and reading assistant even after many tries in different environments. While there is image stabilization enabled, if the whole device is moving it won’t help much. When you are using Cyber Eyez (especially in the beginning) be deliberate when taking your pictures. By deliberate, we mean be patient, line up the frame and tap your finger and try not to shake the device. It takes a little practice, but you will get the hang of it!

Exiting Cyber Eyez

To exit Cyber Eyez, click the “home” button on your device.