User Guide

04.03 – User Guide – Move Display

The Move Display feature in Cyber Eyez is one of the absolute BEST features found in ANY head mounted low vision aid. We worked for years with really small, but movable screens to help people find their “sweet spot.” When we moved to VR headsets we quickly realized we needed the same functionality, but on a bigger scale. Hence, Move Display was born.

What does it do?

Move Display enables you to move the entire visible display up, down, left, right, closer (magnify) or further away. We’ve worked with individuals with RP and other conditions resulting in a limited field of vision to specific regions. Using Move Display, you can put the entire display right in the spot where you can see it the most.

Make Stuff Huge

One of the first things people use Move Display for is Near and Far. We invented it for a customer that had a condition resulting in pinhole vision and very little peripheral. He wanted to “make the screen smaller” so he could see all four corners with his vision. However, working with a former sniper at the VA one day he put the headset on, walked to the window, moved the display closer several steps and started reading signs in parking lot over 100 yards away! You can combine Zoom and Move Display by setting the Move Display to a close value, then swiping to the Viewer or Reader modes and Zooming In. This is like telescope level magnification, but on your face and controlled by you ;).

Find Your Sweet Spot

One of the most common use cases we’ve run across is people with limited peripheral vision due conditions like RP moving the display left, right, up and down until they can see all four corners. One young man had 20/400 vision in his right eye in the lower right quadrant. He used the Move Display feature to place it low and to the right. This position enabled him to see things in his left field of vision that he had not had access to for many years.