How do I change the volume on Cyber Eyez Gear VR?

Forums Cyber Eyez Support How do I change the volume on Cyber Eyez Gear VR?

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      Method 1 — In Settings
    1. 1. Open Settings
    2. 2. Go to Sound
    3. 3. Adjust the Media Volume slider to a comfortable level
      Method 2 — Volume Buttons
    1. 1. Press the Volume Down key on the left side of the phone above the Bixby button (S8/S8+/S9/S9+)
      If this is changing your Ringer volume instead, go to:

      1. a) Settings, then Sounds and Vibration
      2. b) Toggle the “Use Volume keys for Media” to On
      Method 3 — Wired Headset

    When your phone is inserted into the headset, the headphone jack is still accessible. You can plug in a wired headset via the headphone jack located on the right side of the headset near the clip that holds the phone in place.Side view of Gear VR headset

      Method 4 — Bluetooth Headset

    If you don’t want to use a wired headset, you could always go Bluetooth. Some headset are very expensive and some are very cheap…in this space you do get what you pay for. Personally, I like the Jabra headsets as they only go in one ear leaving the other one open and they can be used to make calls and such.

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