Cyber Earz Development Started at Wearables+Things Hackathon

19 October 2014


The WNT2014 Hackathon resulted in the very first prototype of the Cyber Earz project. The prototype was capable of triggering alerts to Google Glass when specific events such occurred. This project aims to provide notifications to hearing impaired users and users in noisy environments.

The idea came from a friend who told a story about his hearing impaired mother. He called her one day and heard the oven timer going off in the background. When he told her what he heard, she replied she hadn’t baked anything in over three days. This kind of dangerous situation is exactly the kind of problems Cyber Timez is aiming to solve.

With experienced Google Glass developers, designers, and hard core hackers galore we managed to form a team and build the first prototype of Cyber Earz. The team built a web service, Audrino based listening device and a Google Glass notification all in under five hours! The Intel representatives were so impressed they awarded the team the “Best Use of Intel Technology” award.

For more information please email or call (202) 827-6883


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