Cyber Eyez and TAP Systems Work Together to Make Smart Glasses Easier

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Cyber Timez and TAP Systems Inc. have teamed up to make using smart glasses easier for people with low vision or blindness.

“Both Tap and Cyber Timez have wearable product offerings and we both have found market success working with the visually impaired community. It’s a natural collaboration for us to work together to achieve better user experiences and offer more tools for both our current and future users,” said Dovid Schick, CEO of Tap Systems.

Smart glasses today have a combination of buttons, swipe pads and voice controls to use them. This can be a struggle for people with arthritis pain or trying to use their hands to work. The TAP device is a comfortable wearable worn at the base of your fingers which senses finger taps. By tapping your fingers on any surface, you can make smart glasses do everything from zooming in and out to taking a picture or even placing a phone call.

“I am confident that by combining our creative and engineering efforts we will develop a tool that is easy to use, faster to navigate and more comfortable for all day wear,” said Sean Tibbetts, CEO of Cyber Timez.

Initial efforts will be focused on using the TAP strap instead of the buttons, swipe pad and/or voice commands followed by work to customize the TAP  for quick access to Cyber Eyez features.


About CyberTimez

Cyber Timez is an industry leader and innovator in smart glasses software development deploying the latest computer vision techniques including edge and cloud based machine learning and artificial intelligence engines. The company’s product Cyber Eyez provides greater independence for people with vision loss by providing multiple tools to read text (in over 160 languages), identify objects, recognize colors, sense moods on faces, scan barcodes and live video chat using smart glasses. Cyber Timez is an award-winning company focused on making a difference in real people’s lives through technology. We are firm believers in and driven by our motto “Always in the service of others.”


About TAP Systems, Inc.

Tap Systems Inc., located in Pasadena, California, is the creator of Tap, the wearable mouse and keyboard. Tap delivers untethered data and control input to Bluetooth-enabled devices, from wearables, smartphones and tablets to TVs and VR/AR environments. Physical connection to the device is not required, and neither is being able to see or feel a keyboard. Tap was created by industry veterans Dovid Schick and Sabrina Kemeny to bring consumers the next big shift in input technology.