Cyber Timez Presenting Cyber Armz at CES 2015


5 January 2015

On January 7th Cyber Timez will be presenting the Cyber Armz product at the DADO Connected Consumer event during CES. We have pulled together a prototype using a training kitchen that opens and closes the microwave door using voice commands. The team has worked hard with late nights slinging code and days of cutting, sanding and gluing to get it all pulled together in time.

Cyber Armz is a patent pending product that employs wearable devices as the source for automating real world objects and the Internet of Things. After entering some setup details in the accompanying mobile application, the user just has to speak their custom command into their watch and the door swings open! Speak the close command and the door swings closed.

“We believe this technology will revolutionize daily life for persons with disabilities and the elderly,” said CEO Sean Tibbetts. “Additionally, we see huge opportunities in commercial markets with any organization that needs to control and audit access to specific cabinets, drawers, appliances and doors,” Mr. Tibbetts continued. While plenty of organizations are building apps that control devices from phones, tablets and phablets it appears Cyber Timez is ahead of the pack by moving this activity to wearable devices.

At the event, Cyber Timez will have a startup table and our CEO Sean Tibbetts will be on hand giving live demonstrations and explaining the technology we use. The event runs from 9A.M. to 1P.M. and should prove to be an excellent opportunity for the Cyber Timez crew.

For more information, please send an email to or call (202) 827-6883.