Gallaudet University Providing Interns

May 26, 2016
On a rainy Monday morning, a sign greets everyone coming to the 1776 Crystal City campus stating, “Cyber Timez Interns: Please go to the Thomas Jefferson Room.” Why was this sign so important? Because all of the interns coming in that day are deaf and have no way of communicating with the helper at the desk. It’s just the start of a steep learning curve for the Cyber Timez team working to communicate with these fresh faced college students excited to be in a workplace as unique and with as much buzz as 1776 as they embark on a 14 week internship.

Once in the conference room, the projection screen has large print instructions on how to get logged into the WiFi network and connected to the Slack channel made especially for this team. Everyone quickly became accustomed to a quiet conference room filled instead with the sound of keys being pounded on laptops around the table. Except for the lack of conversation, the orientation was pretty standard…fill out a survey, sign your NDA, introduce yourself to the team, etc.

At 11, a young lady enters the room with her iPhone in hand ready to take the lead. The next step on the agenda is an adventerous one for a team that just figured out how to communicate with each other. They head out on a guided tour of Crystal City including stops in the shops, We Work, We Live and atop a building where they exit to the terrace for a phenomenal view of the capital and all it has to offer. Everyone agrees they definitely need to figure out how to get back to this spot for the 4th of July fireworks!

The continues on with lunch, an introduction to the Cyber Timez toolset and getting everyone ready to start updating and adding to the existing application code. Each team member prepares to leave, getting their instructions for next steps and promising to stay in touch using their Slack channel, project management tools and calendars.

This is going to be a great summer!