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An Unparalleled Experience

Cyber Eyez return impaired soldiers to workforce

Cyber Eyez Family Testimonials

Moments after receiving her Cyber Eyez unit, Kim turned on the magnification, looked across the table and could see the face of her friend that she hadn’t seen for over 15 years. Unable to contain her excitement, she threw her hands in the air and exclaimed, “I CAN SEE!”

Kim B

Cyber Eyez is 1,000 times better than eSight, which is more complicated and you have to have some vision for eSight. With Cyber Eyez you don’t need to have vision.

Carmalita Cyber Eyez Family Member Carmalita

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Bring Life Into Focus

An Unparalleled Experience

What Does Cyber Eyez Do?

  • Real-time Magnification up to 15X with no lag!
    Magnification helps in filling out forms (such as signing receipts at the restaurant), watching TV at a distance and even getting a close up view of your loved ones.
  • Read Text (OCR) in over 100 languages with no internet connection
    Do you want to read your own mail? How about menus at restaurants? Important documents at your doctor's office? With Cyber Eyez you can in a matter of seconds!
  • Recognize over 16 billion objects right out of the box.
    You read that right...16 Billion with a "B". There's no need to need to pre-train Cyber Eyez because we've already done it for you! We use the power of Google Images to recognize billions of objects right out of the box.
  • Identify over 1,500 colors!
    Want to know if that shirt is blue or black? How about if that dress is beige or brown? Cyber Eyez can recognize over 1,500 colors in any image giving you not only the exact color name, but the color family too because nobody knows what color "arcadia" is (it's brown by the way).
  • Mood Ring Mode
    We're saving marriages all over the planet! Our mood ring mode gives you the ability to know if that person you're talking to is happy, sad, angry or surprised in a matter of seconds. Now you'll always know if that last joke fell flat ;).
  • Bar Code Mode
    Our brand new bar code scanner is one of the best on the planet. It's based on computer vision, so no need to hunt for that bar code. Grab a can of soup and give it a spin...Cyber Eyez will find the bar code automatically, submit it to Google and read the first result back to you usually in less than a second!

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