Supported Hardware

Supported Remotes

Alternative Methods

Supported AR & VR Headsets

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Supported Remotes & Joysticks

Cyber Eyez and Cyber Eyez VR support multiple hardware choices by implementing common technologies like Bluetooth and keyboard presses to work. Up, Down, Left, Right and Enter…that’s all we need. Well, and “Game” mode. We’ve seen devices that ship as “camera buttons” or “media controllers” that do not have a “Game” mode option. Those don’t work…these do.

Device Name Where to Get It Our Thoughts
Tap Strap 2 Definitely one of the COOLEST ways to control Cyber Eyez…or anything for that matter! TAP is a really cool tech that tracks finger movements. We have a custom keyboard map for TAP available making navigating and taking pictures in Cyber Eyez literally as easy as a tap of a finger!
ACGAM R1 Bluetooth Remote No longer available on Amazon, but hands down my FAVORITE Bluetooth remote to use with Cyber Eyez. It charges with micro USB, pairs easily with any phone supports Game mode and is REALLY comfortable to wear and use. I like this one…a LOT. Find it places other than Amazon here.
Generic Bluetooth Joystick Any generic Bluetooth joystick will work. This one we have used in the past and know works well with Cyber Eyez and Cyber Eyez VR.
Generic Bluetooth Joystick This is another generic joystick that we have used in the past and confirm works well with our products. This one is nice because the stick is low to the device making it more comfortable and there is a blue LED light to help you know when it is being set to a new mode, pairing with a Bluetooth device, etc.
Literally Any Joystick Search Amazon or Google for “Bluetooth VR Controller” Again, literally any Bluetooth joystick/VR controller *should* work fine as long as it supports “Game” mode, up, down, left, right and enter.


Alternate Methods

Vysor, Android and a Computer

Our products can be controlled via keyboard key presses so…Vysor to the rescue! Vysor is a FREE screen mirroring app for Android devices. Using Vysor and your PC or Mac, you can:

  1. Connect your phone via USB to your PC or Mac
  2. Install Vysor
  3. View your device screen in Vysor
  4. Use Up, Down, Left, or Right Arrow keys to navigate and Enter or Spacebar for taking a picture, reset a mode, etc.


Supported VR & AR Headsets

Literally ANY headset that enables your phone’s camera to have an unobstructed view will work with Cyber Eyez VR. Find a headset that feels good on your head and is in a price range you’re happy with and see things you’ve been missing!

Device Name Where to Get It Our Thoughts
Google Cardboard Definitely the most affordable of the VR headsets, this one is only $9.99. If you just want to dip your toe in the water and not invest much yet, this is a great option…plus it has head-straps :). The actual feel of cardboard on your nose gets a little annoying after awhile. Don’t binge watch Walking Dead in this one, but again an affordable option just to try things out and see if they’ll work for you and your situation without much investment.
Google Cardboard, but Swankier This Google Cardboard headset costs a little more, but is a little swankier too :). It has velcro for the straps and appears to be made using machining that is a little better than most. Plus they mention Apple right in the name, so fear not my fruity phoned friends ;).
Basic VR Headset This is a basic VR headset, but with the magic of holding your phone with a clip in the middle, thus allowing the camera to have an unobstructed field of view. *NOTE: If your camera is blocked with this headset, send it back! Headsets with foam padding are MUCH more comfortable than their cardboard counterparts, but material matters :).
360 Mini VR Viewer For the absolute minimalist, this is hands down the SMALLEST VR headset I’ve ever seen. No straps, no muss, no fuss. If you need to use your VR mode for tasks fast, quick and in a hurry, this is the headset for you.
Samsung Gear VR Hands down the MOST comfortable and well made headset of them all! Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. If you have a Samsung phone (or not if you hack the USB plug) and a way to get this headset…do. It’s really sad they don’t make & support it anymore…such a great headset.