Smart Glasses Helping 18 Blind DC Residents: Center for Independent Living Partners with Local Tech Company to Help Blind & Disabled

Washington, DC, August 1, 2016:  Eighteen blind and low vision DC residents will get to use the latest wearable technology to help them read text and move about more independently thanks to a program funded by the DC Centers for Independent Living starting August 1st.

We are eager to seek out relationships such as we have with Cyber Timez and its technology to help improve the lives of people with significant disabilities in the District of Columbia so that people can live independent in their homes and communities, said Richard Simms, Executive Director of the DC Centers for Independent Living.

Cyber Timez ( creates wearable technology solutions focused on helping people with visual, hearing and mobility issues. This program will focus on Cyber Eyez, an application loaded on smart glasses. Cyber Eyez has the ability to enable low vision and blind users to magnify anything in their environment up to 15 times. In addition, the application can read text in over 100 languages without a connection to the Internet.

Cyber Timez is a tech company with a mission and the passion to use the latest technology tools to create solutions that solve real problems in real people’s lives, said Sean Tibbetts, CEO of Cyber Timez.

Cyber Timez uses commercially available smart glasses from Vuzix, Inc. ( called the m100. In addition to Cyber Eyez, the Vuzix m100 smart glasses have several applications pre-installed such as email, calendar and maps and works with Apple or Android smart phones. The low vision and blind community have had great success using the audio recorder and bar code scanning apps that are on the glasses as well.


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Richard Simms
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