Cyber Eyez on Display in Arlington, VA

It all started at a Jimmy Buffett concert…

I get asked all the time where the idea for Cyber Eyez came from and to tell the truth, I LOVE to tell this story. It’s one of the many things I love about this product and company…both came from a real identified need, not a board room with a white board. Let’s get started…

Parrothead CEO with Google Glass
This picture shows Cyber Timez CEO Sean Tibbetts wearing his parrothead hat and Google Glass

It all started at a Jimmy Buffett concert. No kidding. I was wearing Google Glass (he’s a proud Parrothead and a Geek) and a friend asked if she could try them on. He let her and a few minutes later, she began to cry. He asked what was wrong, did they hurt, pinch or burn her? No. She said, “This thing has a camera in the front and a speaker in my ear. You have no idea how powerful this is for people with low vision.”

Cyber Eyez on Display in Arlington, VA
This image shows CEO Sean Tibbetts and our first “table” at a show demonstrating Cyber Eyez on Google Glass.

Cyber Eyez was born at a hackathon in Arlington, Virginia a few short weeks later. The first version only read text in English and only on Google Glass. We ran a six month field trial with the DC Center for Independent Living that failed miserably. The device was too slow, the battery didn’t last long enough and worst of all, if the foil the image reflected off of got wet, it was destroyed forever. We went through 4 pairs of Google Glass in 4 weeks. Ouch!

Even with all the trouble we experienced, we knew we had a product the world wanted. Beta testers were craning their necks, waiting forever for results and not going out in the rain…we had the wrong hardware. So we tested again…this time with the Epson Moverio BT-200, Oculus Rift, Hololens and Vuzix M100. Our users all picked the Vuzix glasses.
Fast forward to today and we’re working with multiple smart glasses platforms using the latest machine learning and computer vision techniques to provide a product to the low vision community that is truly changing lives every day.
I love my job.