Wearables+Things Conference 2014


21 OCTOBER 2014

We were thrilled to attend the MoDev and ITODC Wearables+Things 2014 Conference. Great presentations, lots of good information and we even won an award from Intel at the Hackathon!

The conference was our first “big” conference in the Washington, D.C. area and we couldn’t be more impressed. The event provided several sessions that covered topics ranging from startup strategies and business management techniques to mobile and wearable development exercises where attendees walked away with functional applications.

The myriad of attendees and sponsor companies made for phenomenal netowrking opportunities and resulted in several follow-on meetings with organizations and individuals that we know will be invaluable to the future growth and success of Cyber Timez. Pete Ericson and the MoDev team did a great job hosting a fantastic conference.

For more information please contact info@cybertimez.com  or call (202) 827-6883


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