We’ve Been Busy

If it’s been awhile since you took a look at Cyber Eyez, it’s time to look again :). We have been VERY busy working on several projects to bring you the best wearable tech on the planet with LOTS of options to customize your Cyber Eyez experience.

New Financing Options

stretch a dollar
Multiple hands pulling to stretch a dollar

Consumer Financing with Affirm.com

We know that even with our dedication to keeping costs down Cyber Eyez can be difficult for everyone to afford. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership to bring you Cyber Eyez starting at $88 per month with Affirm! Learn more. With different options available you can choose between 3, 6 and 12 month plans with interest rates offered between 10% and 30%. To take advantage of this fantastic option, just go to CyberTimez.com, add the products you want to your cart and when you checkout choose Affirm Monthly Payments. You’ll be taken to a quick online application and within seconds you can be approved! Check out all the details about Affirm in our post.

Equipment Lease Agreement
Pen on the top of a paper with the title “Lease Agreement”

Corporate Leasing Program

We are so proud of the huge impact we have had on employment for the visually impaired and blind community. Our commitment to solving the 70%+ unemployment rate in this community continues by offering our corporate partners new leasing terms! We have partnered with Avalon Leasing to enable corporate partners with needs for 5 units or more to place the cost in either a CapEx as financed equipment using our One Dollar Option Program or realize the cost in your Operations line items as a Fair Market Value lease. Implement Cyber Eyez in your workplace for as little as $423 per month! We can offer multiple lease terms including 24, 30, 36 months or custom terms to suit your program needs. Read all about the new Corporate Leasing Program.

SAM Approved!

After lots of paperwork, help desk phone calls and a few email blasts we are so proud to announce that we are now APPROVED in Sam.gov! This means all of our federal partners and service providers like the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, Internal Revenue Service, National Parks Service and more can now provide Cyber Eyez! Our DUNS is 082893152 and CAGE is 86LZ8. We look forward to providing the world’s best wearable platform for the low vision and blind community to those of you in service and to those you serve!

New Hardware

We’re always finding the best hardware partners in the world to make your Cyber Eyez experience awesome. Not only do we have a whole new headset option for Cyber Eyez, but an awesome new wearable to control it all with too!

Cyber Eyez on Samsung

Cyber Timez is proud to announce Cyber Eyez Gear VR! This version of Cyber Eyez operates on any Samsung phone that works with the Samsung Gear VR headset. Buy the complete package from us, or just the app if you already have a Samsung phone! Don’t get us wrong, we love the M300, but for some people that really wanted a magnifier that screen size was just too small. In fact, 82% of you told us that! So, in typical Cyber Timez fashion, we listened to your feedback and went on the hunt for a solution. Currently, the only virtual, mixed or augmented reality headset that is wireless and has a front facing camera is the Samsung Gear VR. We’re keeping our eyes and google search bots peeled for other options all the time! Now, what can we do with this amazing piece of hardware? Here’s a brief rundown of the modes, specs and features:

Available Modes

Cyber Eyez is jam packed with all your favorite modes from the M300 on the Samsung, but some perform even better! In particular, offline OCR mode now uses Google Machine Learning running on the device (no internet needed!) to read any text and it’s AMAZING. It supports columns, pictures, tiny text, headlines and on and on and on. We also made sure Microsoft Online (aka Seeing AI Long Text) is included too! With the bigger camera field of view (72 degrees according to Samsung) it’s a LOT easier to get a full page of text on the screen to be read back. Bar code mode just made it’s debut to the Samsung and is currently in picture mode. Snap a pic, if we find the bar code we’ll tell you what it is. If we don’t find a bar code, flip the box and snap a pic again . Auto mode is coming soon, but we gotta start somewhere :). Your other favorites with Color Assistant, Online Object Recognition and of course Mood Ring Mode are all available in Samsung as well.

Screen Adjustments

Everyone knows we pride ourselves on the flexibility of the M300 platform to move and adjust to find your sweet spot. We couldn’t leave that behind on the Samsung! We give you the ability to move the giant movie screen that is in front of you left, right, up, down and even closer or further away. That has proven to be a HUGE benefit for people with only central vision by “pushing” the screen away and having 72 degrees field of view or for partial peripheral vision we move the screen left and down into their sweet spot to see the entire view the camera sees! We’ve seen some really cool stuff with RP, Macular Degeneration and Stargardts with these adjustments. Also, you can adjust the brightness lighter or darker on the fly as your eyes change throughout the day. Last, but certainly not least, you can change the lighting modes between settings like Daylight, Twilight, Cloudy, Shady, Incandescent and more to get just the right color combination for your eyes and environment at the time.

TAP Strap Support

We love new toys, er tools just as much as the next gadgetphile, er technology professional ;). We are so excited to announce that the TAP Strap can now be used to navigate Cyber Eyez! On the M300, tap your thumb to take a picture, tap your index finger to zoom out, tap your middle finger to zoom in, tap your pinky to go back and tap your thumb and index finger to bring up the menus. On the Samsung, tap your thumb to take a picture, index finger to swipe back, middle finger to swipe forward, ring finger to swipe up and pinky to swipe down. How cool is that? Tap your thigh, a table top (sorry mom’s you can’t yell at us for it anymore!), tap anywhere you want! You can get your very own TAP Strap from our store today!